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We are Big Fish Hunter

Big Fish Hunter is a one-stop HR solution who have helped companies get the best talents from overseas. We are aiming to enhance global service coverage, optimize advanced service solutions, and become the leading international human resources service provider for overseas expansion. 

We have been specialized in getting Mandarin talents i.e. Mandarin translators and employees who speak Mandarin. However, not only do we help abroad companies, but we also help local companies with our services.

Why Choose Us


Deep understanding of local laws and regulations to reduce any risks.

Bilingual & multilocal

Quickly assist your onsite and remote management with multilingual service.

team advantage

With 5+ years experience, we understand HR-related pain points.

Localized service

Quickly respond to your local needs and handle emergencies.

Countries we are operating in

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Our Precious Partners

Precious companies who trusted our services​

About Us

Big Fish Hunter was founded in 2018 with the vision to connect overseas companies to get Indonesian best talents to be their employees. With a thousand challenges and difficulties, we now are accelerating our global expansion. We have kept getting more and more satisfied companies who keep giving us orders to help them get the best talents for them.