About Us​

Big Fish Hunter was founded in 2018 with a vision to connect abroad companies to get the best talents. As a multinational one-stop HR service for companies, we help companies with difficulties in HR affairs get their problems done. We understand that finding the best talents for their precious company is not an easy problem. As they are looking for leaders who will manage the company they have built in a lot of obstacles.

Our Mission

As a one-stop HR solution, our mission is to give the best HR solution for multinational and local companies. As we understand human resources is one of the most crucial aspects in business. A good employee will develop the company in unimaginable possibilities, while on the other side, a bad employee will ruin even the best company in the world.


Why Choose Us


We offer you quality in the most substantial HR solution for your company.

Your time and focus is so precious! Consult your need with us!

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