Getting a high-level employee or leader for your company is never easy. You have to make sure they are experienced and capable of leading your company. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We will do it for you. You can now focus on essential affairs for your business.






Mass hiring is highly complex. You need to make sure that all the candidates are capable of their tasks, and that they have the original documents for the application, and you also need to keep up the fulfillment rate with the deadline, lastly don’t forget about the overwhelming mass payroll. Don’t be afraid! We’ve got you covered.

Employer of Record


Hiring abroad and remote employees is highly beneficial. It can be how you initiate your business in a country you are not in. However, it takes time, and energy, and will split your focus, and also you most likely do not fully understand the legal and payroll system for that country! No need to worry! We’ve got you covered!

Immigration support


Most employees don’t know how to apply for visas and don’t have time to register themselves for immigration. Your company as the employer also may not understand how and what the problems with immigration affairs are. We’ve got you covered! We will manage the immigration documents and visas for your employees

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