Big Fish Hunter is a headhunting company that focuses on overseas recruitment. We believe that our clients are looking for high quality talents, focusing on overseas job hunting services to help Chinese companies develop overseas. Since the beginning, Big Fish Hunter has redefined its recruitment by integrating talent and technology. To optimize the configuration of the century-old brand, and strive to create long-term value for partners.

The team of Big Fish Hunter comes from different countries and has a deep understanding of the company culture of each country, it can help our clients integrate into the local culture more quickly. Our consultants are familiar with various industries and can combine local culture Beijing and company culture and standards of the industry to recommend matching talents to clients. At the same time, each of our consultants can speak more than two languages, which can assist clients and candidates to communicate and understand at a deeper level. We will use our strengths to provide customers with high-quality and high-end talents to help our clients develop their businesses.
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Redefining recruitment by integrating talent and technology;
A brand that partners can trust for centuries;
Optimizing resources allocation and creating long-term value for our partners;
Never give up
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