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E-commerce Channel Manager
Ecommerce Operation Manager
Store Development Manager
1.Minimum 3 years of channel and sales experience
2.Candidate with good industry network is preferredd
3.Candidate with Mandarin capability is a plus
4.Ambitious,enthusiastic about ecommerce and would like to achieve
1.Minimum 2 years experiences of ecommerce operation
2.With team management experience is a plus
3.Diploma degree and above,familiar witn local Indonesia market
4.Outgoing personality,be able to work under pressure
1.Have successfully helped well-known chain brands to find the right store experience;no less than 5 successful cases
2.Familiar witn the store opening process of the chain fast-moving brand,clear the legal related license required by the store,and can help to open the store quickly  after the address is confurmed
3.Had a store experience for more than 3 years;
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