Project planning and preparation
Identifying the target company
and candidates
Through communication, we clarify the specific scope of work of your open position, requirements, employment conditions, salary and benefits. We will engage with potential candidates in accordance with these requirements.
Make a list of candidates that meet your company's requirements for the job. We will use our resource network and rely on our own search capabilities to give a list and keep in touch with your company to keep on track with your company's requirements.  
We will conduct a wide range of communication or interviews with relevant talents/candidates, form and improve the list of prospective candidates. After interviewing prospective candidates, we will again form a list of candidates that best suit the target position based on their relevant qualifications, experience, abilities and interest in the target position.
Submit a list of candidates
Customer/User Interview
Candidate Review and Feedback
understanding your company's recommendations and qualification for the best candidate. We will provide a written report on the candidate detailing its educational and professional background, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the position. Finally, we will give a priority list for your candidate and target position matching from high to low according to the assessment.
After your company's review the candidate's report, we will arrange an interview at the appropriate place and time according to your request.
Communicate with the client's regarding the candidate interview performance, communicate the feedback from the client to the candidate, and continue to follow up on the candidate's professional status.
Background Verification
and Signing
When your company selects a candidate that you think is the most appropriate, we will conduct a background check and negotiate with you a proposal for salary and benefits for that position that is acceptable to both parties. We recommend that you make a final decision after you have seen the background investigation report provided by the candidate's old employer, colleague or other relevant person who is familiar with the candidate.
Service process
Interview and Assessment by Big Fish Hunter
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