Big Fish Hunter is a headhunting company that focuses on overseas recruitment. We believe that our clients are looking for high quality talents, focusing on overseas job hunting services to help Chinese companies develop overseas. Since the beginning, Big Fish Hunter has redefined its recruitment by integrating talent and technology. To optimize the configuration of the century-old brand, and strive to create long-term value for partners.

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We have professional and efficient service processes, as well as perfect after-sales service. At the same time, we also recommend the most suitable candidates with the partner company's background culture and recruitment needs, helping partners to quickly set up their own professional talent team overseas.

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Big Fish Hunter is committed to providing high-quality talent and recruitment services for clients in emerging industries such as the Internet, Finance, E-Commerce, etc.

70% of our members are Indonesian, and some members can speak Mandarin, English and Indonesian. We can quickly find local talent resources for our clients, and help them to quickly understand local corporate culture and industry conditions, assist in-depth communication between clients and talents, and prevent clients from missing any excellent ones due to lack of communication.

Indonesia does not have overtime culture. Diligence is not the focus of their traditional education. The family concept is deeply rooted in people's minds. It is necessary to drive employees and not to set cultural creeds, such as “hard work”. Cross-cultural creeds can more reach a sympathetic chord and drive companies and employees, such as “ Customers come first"
Indonesia’s salary is not as low as we thought, especially for Chinese-speaking talents. As the number and demand of Chinese enterprises continuously increasing, markets are rising and average wages are increasing.
Talent who can speak Chinese and understand the business is very rare. If you want to recruit high-quality candidates, it is recommended to relax the scope, Chinese construction is set to add points

In Southeast Asian countries, regardless of their academic qualifications, they generally pay more attention to ceremonial clothes. When interviewers interview local employees, it is best to dress up to show respect and company image.

Scarcity of medium-end talent





Recruit Tips
2.Difficulties to attract high quality candidates
3.Language requirements are too high

Talents for some positions are scarce. If understand Chinese is a must, it will greatly limit the scope of candidates and it is difficult to recruit high quality candidates. Therefore, communication with the client’s internal must be a high priority and clear.

1.The company’s requirements are not clear

Local HR or PIC and Chinese PIC didn’t have sufficient communication, so there’s a different demand

FAQ for Overseas Recruitment

The reputation of startup company is not high: attracting candidates: well-known investment background / founder experience / personal charm of the founder

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Fast recruitment, recommend best talents, seek employment, scan our Customer Service Wechat account, our Customer Service will help you.

HR: Galih
Telephone: 628561790346
WhatsApp: 628561790346

Telephone: 15372053979
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